Lash Extensions

Our Aesthetician will be customizing your lash extensions to exactly what you want, all we ask is that you fill out our client form, and then she will begin your consultation.  

Our naturally curled mink or silk extension is bonded to each eyelash one by one by using a special glue. The application will be done in a private setting.  

Prior to the application of the extensions, we will check the condition of your natural lashes and assist in selecting the desired lash style. Once the technician has started the applying the extensions, your eyes must remain closed for the duration of the procedure, which normally takes 90 to 120 minutes.

You will have a relaxing and comfortable experience. The results are amazing and you won’t believe your eyes! You will have instant volume with long, luscious lashes. Best of all, our extensions have a natural appearance that everyone will believe are your own.  

We will provide aftercare instructions to maintain your beautiful lashes.

Difference in Lash Extensions:

Mink lash is an individual lash. Mink is more rough and course in texture, but gives that little extra pop as oppose to silk. 

Silk is an individual lash. Silk is soft, flexible, and close to natural. 

Volume Lash is a lash that is super soft, light weight, and has multiple lashes flaring out giving the look of many lashes. 

*We do not accept Spa Wish, Spa Finder, or Spa Wellness gift cards for redemption of lash extension services.   

Please Note


If you have received Lash Extensions at another location, and are looking for a fill you will be charged 14-21 day retouch price.

If you are looking to remove your Lashes and have been to a different location, you will be charged an extra $25 for removal + full set price.