Purchase (3) Geneo Treatments for $350.  You have 6 months to use these 3 Treatments, book at your convenience.  We recommend monthly treatments to see your results quicker.

Terms & Conditions:

Packages are to be purchased up front and CAN NOT  be purchased with ***SPA WISH, SPA FINDER,  SPA & WELLNESS, DERMA GLOW GIFT CERTIFICATES, OR COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. 

The Ultimate Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen Facial, Geneo, Anti Aging

Geneo +

Pronounced / jen-ayo

If you want glowing skin immediately without downtime or  discomfort, this is IT! This treatment blows microdermabrasion out of  the water with its ability to exfoliate and oxygenate the skin as well  as infuse powerful serums to tackle dull, lifeless skin. Easy, Breezy  and Beautiful results!!! 

The time to schedule your treatment is now!

You won’t believe how healthy and supple your skin looks. The  treatment can be done on any part of the body and can be combined with  extractions. These treatments are suitable for all skin types 

The Girls Insight

 We have added this technology as part of our arsenal to give the face and body that instant improvement and glow we are all looking for. Unlike previous non-invasive exfoliating devices like microdermabrasion, the Geneo actually oxygenates the skin using a patented Bicarbonate disk that generates oxygen flow from the inside out. The patented exfoliate process allows for the penetration of powerful serums that brighten and smooth the skin from beneath all the dead layers of skin! 

Three Steps For Beautiful Skin


By applying a gentle massage with the capsule and the gel, a reaction which utilizes natural physiological processes is created, attracting a surge of oxygen to the skin's surface.


Gently removes dead skin cells to renew and refresh skin’s texture, making the skin look brighter and improving the effectiveness of active ingredients absorption.


A blend of active ingredients absorbed in to the skin for refreshed and revitalized appearance. This effect is further strengthened and maintained throughout the recommended series of treatments.

Geneo Benefits

 Fast & Efficient

Pleasant "lunch-time" treatment with no pain and downtime.

Immediate Results

Unique mode of action for immediate and long term results.


Tailored treatment options to meet the variety of clients needs.

Clinically Proven

Safe and effective clinically proven technologies, that work in synergy for optimal results.