Brow Shaping - 18

Did you know that Eyebrow Shaping can make a world of a difference? Let our experienced Aesthetician sculpt the perfect brow for you.  

(Package: Purchase (3) for 37.50 or (6) for 75)

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Brow Tint - 25

Classic Brow Makeover - 35

STEP 1 - Brow Shaping 


STEP 2 - Fill, Filling in the brows in all the areas that may be sparse, have holes or no hair at all 

STEP 3 - Define, swipe brow gel on the eyebrow to tame those unruly hairs and keep them in place all day.

STEP 4 - Highlight, using a highlighter to bring color & dimension to all the areas around the brows, this helps to accentuate & set those brows into the perfect frame for the face.

(Package: Purchase (3) for 75 or (6) for 150)

Deluxe Brow Makeover - 55

This little indulgence includes the Classic Brow Makeover + Eye Mask Treatment.

Eye Mask Treatment -  Encourages cell regeneration to combat signs of aging and improve microcirculation.  (15 minute eye mask treatment)